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Crystal-clear, ultra-precise and creative translation A transcription of a source text originally written in a first language, and replicated in a second language complete with cultural references, linguistic nuances, target audience and end use of document., transcreationTranslation of a document, adapted to fit a particular market, country or readership. Advantages: the structure of the original document can be played around with. and revisionBilingual proof-reading of a translation alongside the source document, to check set objectives have been met: source document meaning, terminology and intent complied with, writing style that flows, French spelling, grammar and punctuation rules respected.,perfectly tailored to meet your needs and reflect who you are.

Your business, my speciality

Looking to get to grips with a working document, add to your understanding of your sector,inform or win over your target audience?

Marketing and communication

A clear, precise and on-target message lies at the heart of your communication strategy. And getting your voice heard, with all its many subtleties and nuances, is what I do best.

Architecture and design

Need to keep your clients up-to-date with all your latest projects or research the latest interior design trends? A translator with a passion for the subject is your key to success.

M for Morgane

As a qualified professional translator, I make it a point of pride to deliver ultra-precise and creative translations that comply with my industry’s standards.

After being awarded my Masters in Professional Translation from the ITIRI school for translators and interpreters, I set up my translation company with a view to turning my passion and flair for languages and words into a career.

The five years I spent training under top linguists, translators and academics gave me a taste for learning, and I haven’t stopped since. I continue to expand on my writing, language and technical skills by attending professional events and regularly undertaking training.

Being a member of the SFT [French National Translators’ Association] means I have my finger on the pulse of my industry, with seasoned colleagues at my finger-tips. The result is the premium services I provide, which perfectly mirror today’s standards in translation and best practices in the trade.

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