Translation A transcription of a source text originally written in a first language, and replicated in a second language complete with cultural references, linguistic nuances, target audience and end use of document., transcreationTranslation of a document, adapted to fit a particular market, country or readership. Advantages: the structure of the original document can be played around with. and revisionBilingual proof-reading of a translation alongside the source document, to check set objectives have been met: source document meaning, terminology and intent complied with, writing style that flows, French spelling, grammar and punctuation rules respected. from English and Spanish into French:

Marketing and

  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Marketing materials
  • Brand strategy
  • Internal communication (corporate newsletters and magazines, reports, guides, training materials)
  • Advertising straplines
  • SEO content

Architecture and

  • Magazine articles and specialist journals
  • Commercial leaflets and brochures
  • Product sheets
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Business reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Documentation and records
My commitment to quality

I only translate into my mother tongue: French

Confidentiality, high standards, fast turnaround times and responsiveness

Precision, flow and creativity

Third-party proofreading by a trusted colleague

Your needs

Whatever your sector, all translation projects are a multi-step process

Laying the groundwork

At the end of this step, I’ll send you a quote including total project cost and deadlines.

Getting to work

Based on your needs and the criteria mentioned above, I’ll translate your document.

Reviewing and proof-readingMonolingual proofing of the final text to make sure the language flows and is error-free.

Providing you with a premium service is my priority, which is why every single one of my translations is reviewed and proof-read.

Delivery and feedback

On the agreed delivery date, I’ll send you your translation based on the specifications we drew up together.

Looking for tips for optimising your translation project?

Feel free to flick through these two guides co-published by the SFT: Translation: Getting it Right and Translation: Buying a non-commodity.